EP4: Lakeville


A celebration in a cabin in the woods with friends turns quickly into a cat and mouse game of who's playing a prank on who?





a MOOSTACHE FILMS production


Directed By: Dan Zelikman & Shaan Couture


Written By: Dan Zelikman, David Baumwoll, Kevin Wee


Story By: Karen Alunkal, Michael Baumwoll, Brad Belford, David Bluestone, Catherine Chung, Shaan Couture, Ryan Laguna, Claire Marcus, Alexander Resnick, Ryan Weber


Michael: Ryan Laguna

Party Guests (In Order of Disappearance): Ryan Weber, Catherine Chung, David Bluestone, Michael Baumwoll, Claire Marcus, Brad Belford, Karen Alunkal


Director of Photography: Shaan Couture

Editor: Shaan Couture & Dan Zelikman

Music and Sound Supervisor: Dan Zelikman

Hair & Makeup: Catherine Chung (Give Me Cat Eyes)

FX Makeup & Hair Assistants: Claire Marcus, Kim Zelikman

Producers: Dan Zelikman, Alex Resnick, David Baumwoll, Karen Alunkal, Michael Baumwoll, Claire Marcus, Kim Zelikman, Ryan Weber, Catherine Chung, David Bluestone, Brad Belford, Leon Leybs


Dan Zelikman, Alex Resnick, Shaan Couture


The Resnick Family

The Weber Family

The MOO CREW Family of Volunteers Who Made This Film Possible